Subclass AC


AC1-999                                 Collections.  Series.  Collected works

AC1-195                                       Collections of monographs, essays, etc.

AC1-8                                                American and English

AC9-195                                             Other languages

AC200                                          Collections for Jewish readers

AC801-895                                   Inaugural and program dissertations

AC901-995                                   Pamphlet collections

AC999                                          Scrapbooks


Subclass AE


AE1-(90)                                Encyclopedias

AE5-(90)                                      By language


Subclass AG


AG2-600                                 Dictionaries and other general reference works


Subclass AI


AI1-21                                    Indexes


Subclass AM


AM1-(501)                              Museums.  Collectors and collecting

AM10-100                                     By country

AM111-160                                   Museology.  Museum methods, technique, etc.

AM200-(501)                                Collectors and collecting


Subclass AN


AN                                         Newspapers


Subclass AP


AP1-(271)                               Periodicals

AP101-115                                    Humorous periodicals

AP200-230                                    Juvenile periodicals

AP(250)-(265)                               Periodicals for women

AP(270)-(271)                               Periodicals for Blacks


Subclass AS


AS1-945                                 Academies and learned societies

AS2.5-4                                        International associations, congresses, conferences, etc.

AS11-785                                     By region or country


Subclass AY


AY10-2001                              Yearbooks.  Almanacs.  Directories

AY10-29                                       Annuals

AY30-1730                                    Almanacs

AY2001                                        Directories

Class directories by subject in B-Z


Subclass AZ


AZ(20)-999                             History of scholarship and learning.  The humanities

AZ101-(181)                                 Philosophy.  Theory

AZ191-193                                    Evaluation

AZ200-361                                    History

AZ501-908                                    By region or country





Subclass B


B1-5802                                 Philosophy (General)

B69-99                                         General works

B108-5802                                    By period

                                                              Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy

B108-708                                            Ancient

B720-765                                            Medieval

B770-785                                            Renaissance

B790-5802                                          Modern

B808-849                                                  Special topics and schools of philosophy

B850-5739                                                By region or country

B5800-5802                                              By religion


Subclass BC


BC1-199                                 Logic

BC11-39                                       History

BC25-39                                             By period

BC60-99                                       General works

BC171-199                                    Special topics


Subclass BD


BD10-701                               Speculative philosophy

BD10-41                                       General philosophical works

BD95-131                                     Metaphysics

BD143-237                                    Epistemology.  Theory of knowledge

BD240-260                                    Methodology

BD300-450                                    Ontology

                                                         Including being, the soul, life, death

BD493-701                                    Cosmology

                                                         Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter,

                                                             plurality of worlds


Subclass BF


BF1-990                                 Psychology

BF38-64                                       Philosophy.  Relation to other topics

BF173-175.5                                 Psychoanalysis

BF176-176.5                                 Psychological tests and testing

BF180-198.7                                 Experimental psychology

BF203                                          Gestalt psychology

BF207-209                                    Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF231-299                                    Sensation.  Aesthesiology

BF309-499                                    Consciousness.  Cognition

                                                        Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory,

                                                              imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and

                                                              thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue

BF501-505                                    Motivation

BF511-593                                    Affection.  Feeling.  Emotion

BF608-635                                    Will.  Volition.  Choice.  Control

BF636-637                                    Applied psychology

BF638-648                                    New Thought.  Menticulture, etc.

BF660-685                                    Comparative psychology.  Animal and human psychology

BF692-692.5                                 Psychology of sex.  Sexual behavior

BF697-697.5                                 Differential psychology.  Individuality.  Self

BF698-698.9                                 Personality

BF699-711                                    Genetic psychology

BF712-724.85                               Developmental psychology

                                                        Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence,


BF725-727                                    Class psychology

BF795-839                                    Temperament.  Character

BF839.8-885                                 Physiognomy.  Phrenology

BF889-905                                    Graphology.  Study of handwriting

BF908-940                                    The hand.  Palmistry

BF1001-1389                          Parapsychology

BF1001-1045                                Psychic research.  Psychology of the conscious

BF1048-1108                                Hallucinations.  Sleep.  Dreaming.  Visions

BF1111-1156                                Hypnotism.  Suggestion.  Mesmerism.  Subliminal projection

BF1161-1171                                Telepathy.  Mind reading.  Thought transference

BF1228-1389                                Spiritualism

                                                        Including mediumship, spirit messages, clairvoyance

BF1404-2055                          Occult sciences

BF1444-1486                                Ghosts.  Apparitions.  Hauntings

BF1501-1562                                Demonology.  Satanism.  Possession

BF1562.5-1584                             Witchcraft

BF1585-1623                                Magic.  Hermetics.  Necromancy

BF1651-1729                                Astrology

BF1745-1779                                Oracles.  Sibyls.  Divinations

BF1783-1815                                Seers.  Prophets.  Prophecies

BF1845-1891                                Fortune-telling

BF2050-2055                                Human-alien encounters.  Contact between humans and



Subclass BH


BH1-301                                 Aesthetics

BH81-208                                     History

BH301                                          Special topics


Subclass BJ


BJ1-1725                                Ethics

BJ71-1185                                    History and general works

                                                        Including individual ethical philosophers

BJ1188-1295                                 Religious ethics

BJ1298-1335                                 Evolutionary and genetic ethics

BJ1365-1385                                 Positivist ethics

BJ1388                                         Socialist ethics

BJ1390-1390.5                              Communist ethics

BJ1392                                         Totalitarian ethics

BJ1395                                         Feminist ethics

BJ1518-1697                                 Individual ethics.  Character.  Virtue

                                                         Including practical and applied ethics, conduct of life, vices,

                                                              success, ethics for children

BJ1725                                         Ethics of social groups, classes, etc.  Professional ethics

BJ1801-2195                           Social usages.  Etiquette

BJ2021-2078                                 Etiquette of entertaining

BJ2139-2156                                 Etiquette of travel

BJ2195                                         Telephone etiquette


Subclass BL


BL1-2790                                Religions.  Mythology.  Rationalism

BL1-50                                         Religion (General)

BL51-65                                       Philosophy of religion.  Psychology of religion.  Religion

                                                        in relation to other subjects

BL70-71                                       Sacred books (General)

BL71.5-73                                    Biography

BL74-99                                       Religions of the world

BL175-265                                    Natural theology

BL175-190                                          General

BL200                                                Theism

BL205-216                                          Nature and attributes of Deity

BL217                                                Polytheism

BL218                                                Dualism

BL220                                                Pantheism

BL221                                                Monotheism

BL224-227                                          Creation.  Theory of the earth

BL239-265                                          Religion and science

BL270                                          Unity and plurality

BL290                                          The soul

BL300-325                                    The myth.  Comparative mythology

BL350-385                                    Classification of religions

BL410                                          Religions in relation to one another

BL425-490                                    Religious doctrines (General)

BL430                                                Origins of religion

BL435-457                                          Nature worship

BL458                                                Women in comparative religion

BL460                                                Sex worship.  Phallicism

BL465-470                                          Worship of human beings

BL473-490                                          Other

BL500-547                                    Eschatology

BL550-619                                    Worship.  Cultus

BL624-629.5                                 Religious life

BL630-(632.5)                              Religious organization

BL660-2680                                  History and principles of religions

BL660                                                Indo-European.  Aryan

BL685                                                Ural-Altaic

BL687                                                Mediterranean region

BL689-980                                          European.  Occidental

BL700-820                                                Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)

BL830-875                                                Germanic and Norse

BL900-980                                                Other European

BL1000-2370                                      Asian.  Oriental

BL1000-1035                                            General

BL1050                                                     Northern and Central Asia

BL1055                                                     Southern and Eastern Asia

BL1060                                                     Southwestern Asia.  Asia Minor.  Levant

BL1100-1295                                            Hinduism

BL1100-1107.5                                               General

BL1108.2-1108.7                                            Religious education

BL1109.2-1109.7                                            Antiquities.  Archaeology.  Inscriptions

BL1111-1143.2                                               Sacred books.  Sources

BL1112.2-1137.5                                                  Vedic texts

BL1140.2-1140.4                                                  Pur~as

BL1141.2-1142.6                                                  Tantric texts

BL1145-1146                                                  Hindu literature

BL1153.7-1168                                               By region or country

BL1212.32-1215                                              Doctrines.  Theology

BL1216-1225                                                  Hindu pantheon.  Deities

BL1225.2-1243.58                                           Religious life

BL1243.72-1243.78                                         Monasteries.  Temples, etc.

BL1271.2-1295                                               Modifications.  Sects

BL1284.5-1289.592                                               Vaishnavism

BL1300-1380                                            Jainism

BL1310-1314.2                                               Sacred books.  Sources

BL1315-1317                                                  Jain literature

BL1375.3-1375.7                                            Jaina pantheon.  Deities

BL1376-1378.85                                              Forms of worship

BL1379-1380                                                  Modifications, etc.

BL1500-1590                                            Zoroastrianism (Mazdeism).  Parseeism

BL1595                                                     Yezidis

BL1600-1695                                            Semitic religions

BL1600-1605                                                  General

BL1610                                                           Aramean

BL1615-1616                                                  Sumerian

BL1620-1625                                                  Assyro-Babylonian

BL1630                                                           Chaldean

BL1635                                                           Harranian.  Pseudo-Sabian

BL1640-1645                                                  Syrian.  Palestinian.  Samaritan

BL1650                                                           Hebrew

                                                                           For Judaism, see subclass BM

BL1660-1665                                                  Phoenician.  Carthaginian, etc.

BL1670-1672                                                  Canaanite

BL1675                                                           Moabite.  Philistine

BL1680-1685                                                  Arabian (except Islam)

BL1695                                                           Druses

BL1710                                                     Ethiopian

BL1750-2350                                            By region or country

BL1790-1975                                                  China

BL1830-1883                                                        Confucianism

BL1899-1942.85                                                    Taoism

BL2000-2032                                                  India

BL2017-2018.7                                                     Sikhism

BL2195-2228                                                  Japan

BL2216-2227.8                                                     Shinto

BL2230-2240                                                  Korea

BL2390-2490                                      African

BL2420-2460                                            Egyptian

BL2500-2592                                      American

                                                              For American Indians, see classes E-F

BL2600-2630                                      Pacific Ocean islands.  Oceania

BL2670                                               Arctic regions

BL2700-2790                                Rationalism


Subclass BM                           


BM1-990                                 Judaism

BM1-449                                       General

BM70-135                                           Study and teaching

BM150-449                                         History

BM201-449                                               By region or country

BM480-488.8                                Pre-Talmudic Jewish literature (non-Biblical)

BM495-532                                   Sources of Jewish religion.  Rabbinical literature

BM497-509                                         Talmudic literature

BM497-497.8                                            Mishnah

BM498-498.8                                            Palestinian Talmud

BM499-504.7                                            Babylonian Talmud

BM507-507.5                                            Baraita

BM508-508.5                                            Tosefta

BM510-518                                         Midrash

BM520-523.7                                      Halacha

BM525-526                                         Cabala

BM529                                                Jewish tradition

BM534-538                                   Relation of Judaism to special subject fields

BM534-536                                         Religions

BM545-582                                   Principles of Judaism (General)

BM585-585.4                                Controversial works against the Jews

BM590-591                                   Jewish works against Christianity and Islam

BM600-645                                   Dogmatic Judaism

BM646                                          Heresy, heresies

BM648                                          Apologetics

BM650-747                                   Practical Judaism

BM651-652.7                                      Priests, rabbis, etc.

BM653-653.7                                      Congregations.  Synagogues

BM654-655.6                                      The tabernacle.  The temple

BM656-657                                         Forms of worship

BM660-679                                         Liturgy and ritual

BM690-695                                         Festivals and fasts

BM700-720                                         Rites and customs

BM723-729                                         Jewish way of life.  Spiritual life.  Mysticism.  Personal

                                                              religion.  Moral theology

BM730-747                                         Preaching.  Homiletics

BM750-755                                   Biography

BM900-990                                   Samaritans


Subclass BP


BP1-610                                 Islam.  Bahai Faith.  Theosophy, etc.

BP1-253                                       Islam

BP1-68                                               General

BP42-48                                                   Study and teaching

BP50-68                                                   History

BP70-80                                             Biography

BP75-77.75                                               Muammad, Prophet, d. 632

BP87-89                                             Islamic literature

BP100-(157)                                       Sacred books

BP100-134                                                Koran

BP128.15-129.83                                            Special parts and chapters

BP130-134                                                      Works about the Koran

BP135-136.9                                             Hadith literature.  Traditions.  Sunna

BP137-137.5                                             Koranic and other Islamic legends

BP160-165                                          General works on Islam

BP165.5                                             Dogma (>Aq~=id)

BP166-166.94                                     Theology (Kal~m)

BP167.5                                             Heresy, heresies, heretics

BP168                                                Apostasy from Islam

BP169                                                Works against Islam and the Koran

BP170                                                Works in defense of Islam.  Islamic apologetics

BP170.2                                             Benevolent work.  Social work.  Welfare work, etc.

BP170.3-170.5                                    Missionary work of Islam

BP171-173                                          Relation of Islam to other religions

BP173.25-173.45                                Islamic sociology

BP174-190                                          The practice of Islam

BP176-181                                                The five duties of a Moslem.  Pillars of Islam

BP182                                                      Jihad (Holy War)

BP184-184.9                                             Religious ceremonies, rites, etc.

BP186-186.97                                           Special days and seasons, fasts, feasts,

festivals, etc.  Relics

BP187-187.9                                             Shrines, sacred places, etc.

BP188-190                                                Islamic religious life

BP188.2-188.3                                                Devotional literature

BP188.45-189.65                                            Sufism.  Mysticism.  Dervishes

BP189.68-189.7                                              Monasticism

BP191-253                                          Branches, sects, etc.

BP192-194.9                                             Shiites

BP221-223                                                Black Muslims

BP232                                                      Moorish Science Temple of America

BP251-253                                                Nurculuk

BP300-395                                    Bahai Faith

BP500-585                                    Theosophy

BP595-597                                    Anthroposophy

BP600-610                                    Other beliefs and movements


Subclass BQ


BQ1-9800                               Buddhism

BQ1-10                                         Periodicals.  Yearbooks (General)

BQ12-93                                       Societies, councils, associations, clubs, etc.

BQ96-99                                       Financial institutions.  Trusts

BQ100-102                                   Congresses.  Conferences (General)

BQ104-105                                   Directories (General)

BQ107-109                                   Museums.  Exhibitions

BQ115-126                                   General collections.  Collected works

BQ128                                          Encyclopedias (General)

BQ130                                          Dictionaries (General)

BQ133                                          Terminology

BQ135                                          Questions and answers.  Maxims (General)

BQ141-209                                   Religious education (General)

BQ210-219                                   Research

BQ221-249                                   Antiquities.  Archaeology

BQ240-244                                         Literary discoveries

BQ246-249                                         Inscriptions, etc.

BQ251-799                                   History

BQ800-829                                   Persecutions

BQ840-999                                   Biography

BQ840-858                                         Collective

BQ860-999                                         Individual

BQ860-939                                               Gautama Buddha

BQ940-999                                               Other

BQ1001-1045                                Buddhist literature

BQ1100-3340                                Tripiaka (Canonical literature)

BQ4000-4060                                General works

BQ4061-4570                                Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism

BQ4180-4565                                      Special doctrines

BQ4570                                              Special topics and relations to special subjects

BQ4600-4610                                Relation to other religious and philosophical systems

BQ4620-4905                                Buddhist pantheon

BQ4911-5720                                Practice of Buddhism.  Forms of worship

BQ4965-5030                                      Ceremonies and rites.  Ceremonial rules

BQ5035-5065                                      Hymns.  Chants.  Recitations

BQ5070-5075                                      Altar, liturgical objects, ornaments, memorials, etc.

BQ5080-5085                                      Vestments, altar cloths, etc.

BQ5090-5095                                      Liturgical functions

BQ5100-5125                                      Symbols and symbolism

BQ5130-5137                                      Temple.  Temple organization

BQ5140-5355                                      Buddhist ministry.  Priesthood.  Organization

BQ5251-5305                                            Education and training

BQ5310-5350                                            Preaching

BQ5360-5680                                      Religious life

BQ5485-5530                                            Precepts for laymen

BQ5535-5594                                            Devotional literature.  Meditations.  Prayers

BQ5595-5633                                            Devotion.  Meditation.  Prayer

BQ5635-5675                                            Spiritual life.  Mysticism.  Englightenment.  Perfection

BQ5700-5720                                      Festivals.  Days and seasons

BQ5725-5845                                      Folklore

BQ5821-5845                                            Miracle literature

BQ5851-5899                                      Benevolent work.  Social work.  Welfare work, etc.

BQ5901-5975                                      Missionary work

BQ6001-6160                                      Monasticism and monastic life  Sagha (Order)

BQ6200-6240                                      Asceticism.  Hermits.  Wayfaring life

BQ6300-6388                                      Monasteries.  Temples.  Shrines.  Sites

BQ6400-6495                                      Pilgrims and pilgrimages

BQ7001-9800                                      Modifications, schools, etc.

BQ7100-7285                                            Therav~da (Hinayana) Buddhism

BQ7300-7529                                            Mahayana Buddhism

BQ7530-7950                                            Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism)

BQ7960-7989                                            Bonpo (Sect)

BQ8000-9800                                            Special modifications, sects, etc.

BQ8500-8769                                                  Pure Land Buddhism

BQ8900-9099                                                  Tantric Buddhism

BQ9250-9519                                                  Zen Buddhism


Subclass BR


BR1-1725                               Christianity

BR60-67                                       Early Christian literature.  Fathers of the Church, etc.

BR115                                          Christianity in relation to special subjects

BR130-133.5                                 Christian antiquities.  Archaeology.  Museums

BR140-1510                                  History

BR160-481                                          By period

BR160-275                                                Early and medieval

BR280                                                      Renaissance.  Renaissance and Reformation

BR290-481                                                Modern period

BR323.5-334.2                                                Luther, Martin

BR500-1510                                        By region or country

BR1600-1609                                Persecution.  Martyrs

BR1609.5                                     Dissent

BR1610                                        Tolerance and toleration

BR1615-1617                                Liberalism

BR1620                                        Sacrilege (History)

BR1690-1725                                Biography


Subclass BS


BS1-2970                                The Bible

BS11-115                                      Early versions

BS125-355                                    Modern texts and versions

BS125-198                                          English

BS199-313                                          Other European languages

BS315-355                                          Non-European languages

BS315                                                       Asian languages

BS325                                                       African languages

BS335                                                       Languages of Oceania and Australasia

BS345                                                       American Indian languages

BS350                                                       Mixed languages

BS355                                                       Artificial languages

BS410-680                                    Works about the Bible

BS500-534.8                                       Criticism and interpretation

BS535-537                                          The Bible as literature

BS546-558                                          Bible stories.  Paraphrases of Bible stories.  The Bible story

BS569-580                                          Men, women, and children of the Bible

BS580                                                       Individual Old Testament characters

BS585-613                                          Study and teaching

BS647-649                                          Prophecy

BS650-667                                          Bible and science

BS670-672                                          Bible and social sciences

BS701-1830                                  Old Testament

BS705-815                                          Early versions

BS825-1013                                        Modern texts and versions

BS1091-1099                                       Selections.  Quotations

BS1110-1199                                       Works about the Old Testament

BS1160-1191.5                                          Criticism and interpretation

BS1200-1830                                       Special parts of the Old Testament

BS1901-2970                                 New Testament

BS1937-2020                                       Early texts and versions

BS2025-2213                                       Modern texts and versions

BS2260-2269                                       Selections.  Quotations

BS2280-2545                                       Works about the New Testament

BS2350-2393                                             Criticism and interpretation

BS2415-2417                                             The teachings of Jesus

BS2430-2520                                             Men, women, and children of the New Testament

BS2525-2544                                             Study and teaching

BS2547-2970                                       Special parts of the New Testament

BS2640-2765.6                                          Epistles of Paul


Subclass BT


BT10-1480                              Doctrinal Theology

BT19-37                                       Doctrine and dogma

BT93-93.6                                    Judaism

BT95-97.2                                    Divine law.  Moral government

BT98-180                                     God

BT109-115                                          Doctrine of the Trinity

BT117-123                                          Holy Spirit.  The Paraclete

BT126-127.5                                       Revelation

BT130-153                                          Divine attributes

BT198-590                                    Christology

BT296-500                                          Life of Christ

BT580                                                Miracles.  Apparitions.  Shrines, sanctuaries, images,

                                                              processions, etc.

BT587                                                Relics

BT595-680                                    Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.  Mariology

BT650-660                                          Miracles.  Apparitions.  Shrines, sanctuaries, images,

                                                              processions, etc.

BT695-749                                    Creation

BT750-811                                    Salvation.  Soteriology

BT819-891                                    Eschatology.  Last things

BT899-940                                    Future state.  Future life

BT960-985                                    Invisible world (saints, demons, etc.)

BT990-1010                                  Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc.

BT1029-1040                                Catechisms

BT1095-1255                                Apologetics.  Evidences of Christianity

BT1313-1480                                History of specific doctrines and movements.  Heresies and schisms


Subclass BV


BV1-5099                               Practical Theology

BV5-530                                       Worship (Public and private)

BV30-135                                           Times and seasons.  The Church year

BV43-64                                                   Feast days

BV65-70                                                   Saints= days

BV80-105                                                 Fasts

BV107-133                                                Lord=s Day.  Sunday.  Sabbath

BV150-168                                          Christian symbols and symbolism

BV169-199                                          Liturgy and ritual

BV200                                                Family worship

BV205-287                                          Prayer

BV301-530                                          Hymnology

BV360-465                                                Denominational and special types of hymnbooks in English

BV467-510                                                Hymns in languages other than English

BV590-1652                                  Ecclesiastical theology

BV598-603                                          The Church

BV629-631                                          Church and state

BV637-637.5                                       City churches

BV638-638.8                                       The rural church.  The church and country life

BV646-651                                          Church polity

BV652-652.9                                       Church management.  Efficiency

BV652.95-657                                     Mass media and telecommunication in religion

BV659-683                                          Ministry.  Clergy.  Religious vocations

BV700-707                                          Parish.  Congregation.  The local church

BV770-777                                          Church finance.  Church property

BV800-873                                          Sacraments.  Ordinances

BV803-814                                                Baptism

BV823-828                                                Holy Communion.  Lord=s Supper.  Eucharist

BV835-838                                                Marriage

BV840-850                                                Penance

BV895-896                                          Shrines.  Holy places

BV900-1450                                        Religious societies, associations, etc.

BV950-1280                                              Religious societies of men, brotherhoods, etc.

BV1000-1220                                                  Young Men=s Christian Associations

BV1300-1395                                            Religious societies of women

BV1300-1393                                                  Young Women=s Christian Associations

BV1460-1615                                      Religious education (General)

BV1620-1652                                      Social life, recreation, etc., in the church

BV2000-3705                                Missions

BV2123-2595                                      Special churches

BV2130-2300                                            Roman Catholic Church

BV2350-2595                                            Protestant churches

BV2610-2695                                      Special types of missions

BV2750-3695                                      Missions in individual countries

BV3750-3799                                Evangelism.  Revivals

BV4000-4470                                Pastoral theology

BV4019-4180                                      Education

BV4019-4167                                            Training for the ordained ministry

BV4168-4180                                            Training for lay workers

BV4200-4317                                      Preaching.  Homiletics

BV4239-4317                                            Sermons

BV4390-4399                                      Personal life of the clergy

BV4400-4470                                      Practical church work.  Social work.  Work of the layman

BV4485-5099                                Practical religion.  The Christian life

BV4520-4526.2                                   Religious duties

BV4625-4780                                      Moral theology

BV4625-4627                                            Sins and vices

BV4630-4647                                            Virtues

BV4650-4715                                            Precepts from the Bible

BV4720-4780                                            Precepts of the Church.  Commandments of the Church

BV4800-4897                                      Works of meditation and devotion

BV4900-4911                                      Works of consolation and cheer

BV4912-4950                                      Conversion literature

BV5015-5068                                      Asceticism

BV5070-5095                                      Mysticism

BV5099                                              Quietism


Subclass BX


BX1-9999                                Christian Denominations

BX1-9.5                                        Church unity.  Ecumenical movement.  Interdenominational


BX100-189                                    Eastern churches.  Oriental churches

BX100-107                                          General

BX120-129                                          Armenian Church

BX130-139                                          Coptic Church

BX140-149                                          Ethiopic or Abyssinian Church

BX150-159                                          Nestorian, Chaldean, or East Syrian Church

BX160-169                                          St. Thomas Christians.  Malabar Christians.  Mar Thoma Syrian


BX170-179                                          Syrian or Jacobite Church

BX180-189                                          Maronite Church

BX200-756                                    Orthodox Eastern Church

BX200-395                                          General

BX400-756                                          Divisions of the church

BX400-440                                                Patriarchates of the East.  Melchites

BX450-450.93                                           Church of Cyprus

BX460-605                                                Russian Church

BX610-620                                                Church of Greece

BX630-639                                                Orthodox Church in Austria and Hungary

BX650-659                                                Bulgarian Church

BX660-669                                                Georgian Church

BX670-679                                                Montenegrin Church

BX690-699                                                Romanian Church

BX710-719                                                Serbian Church.  Yugoslav Church

BX720-729                                                Orthodox Eastern Church, Macedonian

BX729.5                                                   Orthodox Eastern Church, Ukrainian

BX729.9-755                                             Orthodox Church in other regions or countries

BX800-4795                                  Catholic Church

BX800-839                                          Periodicals.  Societies, councils, congresses, etc.

BX840                                                Museums.  Exhibitions

BX841                                                Dictionaries.  Encyclopedias

BX845                                                Directories.  Yearbooks

BX847                                                Atlases

BX850-875                                          Documents

BX880-891                                          General collected works

BX895-939                                          Study and teaching

BX940-1745                                        History

                                                              Including lives of popes

BX1746-1755                                      Theology.  Doctrine.  Dogmatics

BX1756                                               Sermons

BX1760-1779.5                                   Controversial works

BX1781-1788                                      Catholic Church and other churches

BX1790-1793                                      Catholic Church and the state

BX1800-1920                                      Government and organization

BX1958-1968                                      Creeds and catechisms

BX1969                                               Forms of worship.  Catholic practice

BX1970-2175                                      Liturgy and ritual

BX2050-2175                                            Prayers and devotions

BX2177-2198                                      Meditations.  Devotional readings.  Spiritual exercises, etc.

BX2200-2292                                      Sacraments

BX2295-2310                                      Sacramentals

BX2312                                               Images

BX2315-2324                                      Relics.  Shrines.  Pilgrimages.  Processions

BX2325-2333                                      Saints.  Hagiology

BX2347-2377                                      Practical religion.  Christian life

BX2380-2386                                      Religious life.  Religious state

BX2400-4563                                      Monasticism.  Religious orders

BX2890-4192                                            Religious orders of men

BX4200-4563                                            Religious orders of women

BX4600-4644                                      Churches, cathedrals, abbeys (as parish churches), etc.

BX4650-4705                                      Biography and portraits

BX4650-4698                                            Collective

BX4654-4662                                                  Saints and martyrs

BX4700-4705                                            Individual

BX4700                                                           Saints

BX4710.1-4715.95                               Eastern Rite Churches in communion with the Holy See of Rome

BX4716.4-4795                                    Dissenting sects other than Protestant

BX4718.5-4735                                         Jansenists

BX4737                                                     French schisms of the 19th century

BX4740                                                     German Catholics

BX4751-4793                                            Old Catholics

BX4793.5-4794.25                                     Independent Catholic Churches

BX4795                                                     Other

BX4800-9999                                Protestantism

BX4800-4861                                      General

BX4872-4924                                      Pre-Reformation

BX4872-4893                                            Waldenses and Albigenses

BX4900-4906                                            Lollards.  Wycliffites

BX4913-4924                                            Hussites

BX4920-4924                                                  Bohemian Brethren

BX4929-4951                                      Post-Reformation

BX4929-4946                                            Anabaptists

BX4950-4951                                            Plain People

BX5001-5009                                      Anglican Communion (General)

BX5011-5207                                      Church of England

BX5011-5050                                            General

BX5051-5110                                            History.  Local divisions

BX5115-5126                                            Special parties and movements

BX5127-5129.8                                         Church of England and other churches

BX5130-5132                                            General

BX5133                                                     Sermons.  Tracts.  Addresses.  Essays

BX5135-5136                                            Controversial works

BX5137-5139                                            Creeds and catechisms, etc.

BX5140.5-5147                                         Liturgy and ritual

BX5148-5149                                            Sacraments

BX5150-5182.5                                         Government.  Organization.  Discipline

BX5183-5187                                            Religious communities.  Conventual life.  Religious


BX5194-5195                                            Cathedrals, churches, etc. in England and Wales

BX5197-5199                                            Biography

BX5200-5207                                            Dissent and nonconformity

BX5210-5395                                            Episcopal Church in Scotland

BX5410-5595                                            Church of Ireland

BX5596-5598                                            Church in Wales

BX5600-5740                                            Church of England outside of Great Britain

BX5601-5620                                                  Anglican Church of Canada

BX5800-5995                                      Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

BX5996-6030                                      Protestant Episcopal Church outside the United States

BX6051-6093                                      Reformed Episcopal Church

BX6101-9999                                      Other Protestant denominations

                                                                   Alphabetical; only larger denominations listed

                                                                   The subarrangement is essentially the same for

                                                                       each sect, the primary features being

                                                                       indicated by way of example under Baptists

BX6101-6193                                            Adventists.  AMillerites@

BX6195-6197                                            Arminians.  Remonstrants

BX6201-6495                                            Baptists

BX6201-6227                                                  General

BX6231-6328                                                  History.  Local divisions

BX6329                                                           Baptists and other churches

BX6330-6331.2                                               Doctrine

BX6333                                                           Sermons.  Tracts

BX6334                                                           Controversial works

BX6335-6336                                                  Creeds.  Catechisms

BX6337                                                           Service.  Ritual.  Liturgy

BX6338-6339                                                  Sacraments

BX6340-6346.3                                               Government.  Discipline

BX6349-6470                                                  Individual branches

BX6480-6490                                                  Individual Baptist churches

BX6493-6495                                                  Biography

BX6551-6593                                            Catholic Apostolic Church.  Irvingites

BX6651-6693                                            Christadelphians.  Brothers of Christ

BX6751-6793                                            Christian Church

                                                                    See also Disciples of Christ

BX6801-6843                                            Christian Reformed Church

BX6901-6997                                            Christian Science

BX7003                                                     Christian Union

BX7020-7060                                            Church of God

BX7079-7097                                            Churches of God

BX7101-7260                                            Congregationalism

BX7301-7343                                            Disciples of Christ.  Campbellites

BX7401-7430                                            Dowieism.  Christian Catholic Church

BX7451-7493                                            Evangelical and Reformed Church

BX7556                                                     Evangelical United Brethren Church

BX7580-7583                                            Free Congregations (Germany).  Freie Gemeinden

BX7601-7795                                            Friends.  Society of Friends.  Quakers

BX7801-7843                                            German Baptist Brethren.  Church of the Brethren.


BX7850-7865                                            German Evangelical Protestant Church of North America.

                                                                    Evangelical Protestant Church of North America

BX7901-7943                                            German Evangelical Synod of North America

BX7990.H6-.H69                                       Holiness churches

BX8001-8080                                            Lutheran churches

BX8101-8144                                            Mennonites

BX8201-8495                                            Methodism

BX8525-8528                                            Millennial Dawnists.  Jehovah=s Witnesses

BX8551-8593                                            Moravian Church.  United Brethren.  Unitas Fratrum.


BX8601-8695                                            Mormons.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

BX8701-8749                                            New Jerusalem Church.  New Church.  Swedenborgianism

BX8762-8785                                            Pentecostal churches

BX8799-8809                                            Plymouth Brethren.  Darbyites

BX8901-9225                                            Presbyterianism.  Calvinistic Methodism

BX9301-9359                                            Puritanism

BX9401-9640                                            Reformed or Calvinistic Churches

BX9675                                                     River Brethren.  Brethren in Christ

BX9701-9743                                            Salvation Army

BX9751-9793                                            Shakers.  United Society of Believers.  Millennial Church

BX9801-9869                                            Unitarianism

BX9875-9877.1                                         United Brethren in Christ.  Church of the United Brethren in


BX9881-9882.95                                       United Church of Canada

BX9884-9886                                            United Church of Christ

BX9887                                                    United Evangelical Church

BX9889                                                    United Missionary Church

BX9901-9969                                            Unviersalism.  Universalists

BX9975                                                     Volunteers of America

BX9980                                                     Walloon Church

BX9998                                                     Other beliefs and movements akin to Christianity

BX9999                                                     Independent churches, parishes, societies, etc. By city, A-Z




Subclass C


C1-51                                     Auxiliary Sciences of History (General)


Subclass CB


CB3-482                                 History of Civilization

CB156                                          Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages

CB158-161                                    Forecasts of future progress

CB195-281                                    Civilization and race

CB305-430                                    By period

CB440-482                                    Relation to special topics

CB450                                                Geography and civilization

CB478                                                Technology

CB481                                                War and civilization

CB482                                                Water and civilization


Subclass CC


CC1-960                                 Archaeology

CC72-81                                       Philosophy.  Theory

CC73-81                                             Methodology

CC83-97                                       Study and teaching.  Research

CC135-137                                   Preservation, restoration, and conservation of antiquities.

                                                        Antiquities and state

CC140                                          Forgeries of antiquities

CC200-260                                   Bells.  Campanology.  Cowbells

CC300-350                                   Crosses

CC600-605                                   Boundary stones

CC700-705                                   Stone heaps, cairns, etc., of unknown purpose

CC710                                          Hill figures

CC960                                          Lanterns of the dead


Subclass CD


CD1-6471                               Diplomatics.  Archives.  Seals

CD1-511                                       Diplomatics

CD70-79                                             Practice of special chancelleries

CD80-81                                             Formularies

CD87                                                  Forgeries of documents

CD91-392                                           Collection of documents, facsimiles, etc., for study

CD501-511                                         Study and teaching

CD921-4280                                  Archives

CD995-4280                                        History and statistics

CD997                                                      Biography of archivists

CD1000-4280                                            By region or country

CD5001-6471                                Seals

CD5191                                              Iconography

CD5201-5391                                      Ancient

CD5501-5557                                      Medieval

CD5561                                              Renaissance

CD5575-6471                                      Modern


Subclass CE


CE1-97                                   Technical Chronology.  Calendar

CE21-46                                       Ancient

CE51-85                                       Medieval and modern

CE91-92                                       Perpetual calendars.  Century calendars, etc.


Subclass CJ


CJ1-6661                                Numismatics

CJ1-4625                                      Coins

CJ153                                                Finds of coins

CJ161                                                Symbols, devices, etc.

CJ201-1397                                        Ancient

CJ1509-4625                                      Medieval and modern

CJ4801-5450                                Tokens

CJ4861-4889                                      By period

CJ4901-5336                                      By region or country

CJ5350-5450                                      Special uses of tokens

CJ5501-6661                                Medals and medallions

CJ5581-5690                                      Ancient

CJ5723-5793                                      Medieval and modern

CJ5795-6661                                      By region or country


Subclass CN


CN1-1355                               Inscriptions.  Epigraphy

CN120-740                                   Ancient inscriptions

CN750-753                                   Early Christian inscriptions

CN755                                          Medieval inscriptions (General)

CN760                                          Modern inscriptions (General)

CN805-865                                   By language

CN870-1355                                  By region or country


Subclass CR


CR1-6305                               Heraldry

CR51-79                                       Crests, monograms, devices, badges, mottoes, etc.

CR91-93                                       Shields and supporters

CR101-115                                   Flags, banners, and standards

CR191-1020                                  Public and official heraldry

CR1101-1131                                Ecclesiastical and sacred heraldry

CR1179-3395                                Family heraldry

CR3499-4420                                Titles of honor, rank, precedence, etc.

CR4480-4485                                Royalty.  Insignia.  Regalia, crown and coronets, etc.

CR4501-6305                                Chivalry and knighthood (Orders, decorations, etc.)

CR4547-4553                                      Ceremonials, pageants, tournaments, etc.

CR4571-4595                                      Duels and dueling

CR4651-6305                                      Orders, etc.


Subclass CS


CS1-3090                                Genealogy

CS23-35                                       Genealogical lists, etc., covering more than one country or continent

CS38-39                                       Family history covering more than one country

CS42-2209                                    By region or country

CS2300-3090                                Personal and family names


Subclass CT


CT21-9999                             Biography

CT21-22                                       Biography as an art or literary form

CT31-83                                       History of biographical literature.  Lives of biographers

CT93-206                                     General collective biography

CT206                                                Portraits

CT210-3150                                  National biography

CT3200-9999                                Biography.  By subject

CT3200-3830                                      Biography of women (Collective)

CT3990                                              Academicians.  Scholars. Savants

CT9960-9998                                      Other miscellaneous groups

                                                              Including adventurers, eccentrics, misers, etc.

CT9999                                              Blank books for personal records, diaries, etc.




Subclass D                               


D1-2027                                 History (General)

D1-24.5                                        General

D25-27                                         Military and naval history

D31-34                                         Political and diplomatic history

D51-90                                         Ancient history

D101-110.5                                  Medieval and modern history, 476-

D111-203                                     Medieval history

D135-149                                           Migrations

D151-173                                           Crusades

D175-195                                           Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.  Latin Orient, 1099-1291

D200-203                                           Later medieval.  11th-15th centuries

D(204)-(475)                                Modern history, 1453-

D219-234                                           1453-1648

D242-283.5                                        1601-1715.  17th century

D251-271                                                 Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648

D274.5-6                                                  Anglo-French War, 1666-1667

D275-276                                                 War of Devolution, 1667-1668

D277-278.5                                              Dutch War, 1672-1678

D279-280.5                                              War of the Grand Alliance, 1688-1697

D281-283.5                                              War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1714

D284-297                                           1715-1789.  18th century

D291-294                                                 War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748

D297                                                        Seven Years= War, 1756-1763

D299-(475)                                         1789-

D301-309                                                 Period of the French Revolution

D351-400                                                 19th century.  1801-1914/1920

D371-(379)                                                     Eastern question

D383                                                              1815-1830.  Congress of Vienna

D385-393                                                       1830-1870

D394-400                                                       1871-    .  Later 19th century

D410-(475)                                               20th century

D461-(475)                                                     Eastern question

D501-680                                                 World War I (1914-1918)

D720-728                                                 Period between World Wars (1919-1939)

D731-838                                                 World War II (1939-1945)

D839-860                                                 Post-war history (1945-    )

D880-888                                                 Developing countries

D890-893                                                 Eastern Hemisphere

D900-2009                                                Europe (General)

D901-980                                                       Description and travel

D1050-2027                                                    History


Subclass DA   

DA1-995                                 History of Great Britain

DA10-18.2                                    British Empire.  Commonwealth of Nations.  The Commonwealth

DA20-690                                     England

DA20-27.5                                          General

DA28-592                                           History

DA28-35                                                   General

DA40-89.6                                                Political, military, naval, and Air Force history.

                                                                    Foreign relations

DA90-125                                                 Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DA129-592                                               By period

DA129-260                                                     Early and medieval to 1485

DA140-199                                                           Celts.  Romans.  Saxons.  Danes.  Normans

DA200-260                                                           1154-1485.  Angevins.  Plantagenets.  Lancaster-York

DA300-592                                                     Modern, 1485-

DA310-360                                                           Tudors, 1485-1603

DA350-360                                                                 Elizabeth I, 1558-1603.  Elizabethan age

DA385-398                                                           Early Stuarts, 1603-1642

DA400-429                                                           Civil War and Commonwealth, 1642-1660

DA430-463                                                           Later Stuarts

DA498-503                                                           1714-1760

DA505-522                                                           George III, 1760-1820

DA550-565                                                           Victorian era, 1837-1901

DA566-592                                                           20th century

DA600-667                                         Description and travel.  Guidebooks

DA670-690                                         Local history and description

DA670                                                      Counties, regions, etc., A-Z

DA675-689                                               London

DA690                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DA700-745                                   Wales

DA700-713                                         General

DA714-722.1                                      History

DA725-738                                         Description and travel

DA740-745                                         Local history and description

DA750-890                                   Scotland

DA750-757.7                                      General

DA757.9-826                                      History

DA757.9-763                                            General

DA765-774.5                                            Political and military history.  Antiquities, etc.

DA774.8-826                                            By period

DA777-790                                                     Early and medieval to 1603

DA783.2-783.45                                                    War of Independence, 1285-1371

DA783.5-790                                                        Stuarts, 1371-1603

DA800-814.5                                                  1603-1707/1745

DA807                                                                  The Union, 1707

DA813-814.5                                                        1707-1745.  Jacobite movements

DA815-826                                                     19th-20th centuries

DA850-878                                         Description and travel

DA880-890                                         Local history and description

DA900-995                                   Ireland

DA900-908.7                                      General

DA909-965                                         History

DA909-916.8                                            General

DA920-927                                               Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DA930-965                                               By period

DA930-937.5                                                  Early and medieval to 1603

DA933.3                                                               English conquest, 1154-1189

DA938-966.2                                                  Modern, 1603-

DA949.5                                                               The Union, 1800

DA949.7-965                                                        19th-20th centuries.  Irish question

DA963                                                                        1922-    .  Republic of Ireland.  Irish Free State

DA966-966.2                                                        21st century

DA969-988                                         Description and travel

DA990-995                                         Local history and description

DA990.U45-U46                                        Northern Ireland (Ulster)


Subclass DAW 


DAW1001-1051                       History of Central Europe

DAW1001-1028                             General

DAW1031-1051                             History


Subclass DB   


DB1-3150                               History of Austria.  Liechtenstein.  Hungary.  Czechoslovakia

DB1-879                                       Austria.  Austro-Hungarian Empire

DB1-20.5                                            General

DB21-27.5                                          Description and travel

DB29-34.5                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DB35-99.2                                          History

DB35-40.5                                                General

DB42-49                                                   Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DB51-99.2                                                By period

DB51-64                                                         Early and medieval to 1521

DB60-64                                                               Wars with the Turks

DB65-99.2                                                      1521-

DB65.2-65.9                                                         1521-1648

DB66-69.5                                                            1648-1740

DB69.7-77                                                            1740-1815

DB80-99.2                                                            19th-20th centuries

DB83                                                                          Revolution, 1848

DB96-99.2                                                                  Republic, 1918-

DB99-99.1                                                                        1938-1955.  German annexation.

                                                                                            Allied occupation

DB99.2                                                                             1955-

DB101-879                                          Local history and description

DB101-785                                                Provinces, regions, etc.

DB841-860                                                Vienna

DB879                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DB881-898                                    Liechtenstein

DB901-999                                    Hungary

DB901-906.7                                       General

DB906.9-920.5                                    Description and travel.  Antiquities.  Ethnography

DB921-958.6                                       History

DB927-958.6                                             By period

DB927-932.9                                                   Early to 1792

DB929-929.8                                                         Árpád dynasty, 896-1301

DB929.95-931.9                                                    Elective kings, 1301-1526

DB932.95-945                                                 1792-1918.  19th century

DB934.5-939.5                                                      Revolution of 1848-1849

DB940-945                                                            1849-1918

DB946-958.6                                                   20th century

DB955-955.8                                                         1918-1945.  Revolution of 1919-1920

DB955.9-957.5                                                      1945-1989.  Revolution of 1956

DB957.9-958.6                                                      1989-

DB974.9-999                                       Local history and description

DB974.9-975                                             Counties, regions, etc.

DB981-997                                                Budapest

DB2000-3150                                Czechoslovakia

DB2000-2035                                      General.  Description and travel.  Antiquities.  Social

                                                              life and customs

DB2040-2043                                      Ethnography

DB2044-2247                                      History

DB2080-2247                                            By period

DB2080-2133                                                  Early and medieval to 1526

DB2135-2182                                                  Hapsburg rule, 1526-1918

DB2185-2241                                                  Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-1992

DB2242-2247                                                  1993-    .  Independent Czech Republic

DB2300-2650                                      Local history and description of Czech lands

DB2300-2421                                            Moravia

DB2600-2649                                            Prague (Praha)

DB2700-3150                                      Slovakia

DB3100-3139                                            Bratislava (Pressburg)


Subclass DC   


DC1-947                                 History of France

DC1-20.5                                      General

DC21-29.3                                    Description and travel

DC30-34.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DC35-424                                     History

DC35-41                                             General

DC44-59.8                                          Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DC60-424                                           By period

DC60-109                                                 Early and medieval to 1515

DC62-64                                                         Gauls.  Celts.  Franks

DC64.7-94                                                      476-1328.  Merovingians.  Carlovingians.  Capetians

DC95-109                                                       1328-1515

DC96-101.7                                                          Hundred Years= War, 1339-1453

DC101.9-109                                                        15th century.  Jeanne d=Arc, Saint

DC110-433                                               Modern, 1515-

DC111-120                                                     1515-1589.  16th century

DC118                                                                  Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572

DC120.8-130                                                  1589-1715.  Henri IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV

DC131-138                                                     1715-1789.  18th century.  Louis XV, Louis XVI

DC139-249                                                     Revolutionary and Napoleonic period, 1789-1815

DC251-354.9                                                  19th century

DC256-260                                                           Restoration, 1815-1830

DC261-269                                                           July Revolution of 1830.  July Monarchy, 1830-1848

DC270-274.5                                                        February Revolution and Second Republic

DC275-280.5                                                        Second Empire, 1852-1870

DC281-326.5                                                        Franco-German or Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

DC330-354.9                                                        Later 19th century

DC361-424                                                     20th century

DC397                                                                  1940-1946

DC398-409                                                           Fourth Republic, 1947-1958

DC411-424                                                           Fifth Republic, 1958-

DC425-433                                                     21st century

DC600-801                                   Local history and description

DC601.1-609.83                                  North, East, etc. France

DC611                                                Regions, provinces, departments, etc., A-Z

DC701-790                                         Paris

DC801                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DC921-930                                   Andorra

DC941-947                                   Monaco


Subclass DD   


DD1-(905)                              History of Germany

DD1-21                                         General

DD21.5-43                                    Description and travel

DD51-78                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DD84-257.4                                  History

DD84-96                                             General

DD99-120                                           Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DD121-257.4                                      By period

DD121-124                                               Earliest to 481

DD125-174.6                                            Early and medieval to 1519

DD126-155                                                     Medieval Empire, 481-1273

DD127-135                                                           481-918.  Merovingians.  Carolingians

DD136-144                                                           919-1125.  Houses of Saxony and Franconia

DD145-155                                                           1125-1273.  Hohenstaufen period

DD156-174.6                                                  1273-1519.  Houses of Habsburg and Luxemburg

DD175-257.4                                            Modern, 1519-

DD176-189                                                     1519-1648.  Reformation and Counter-reformation

DD181-183                                                           Peasants= War, 1524-1525

DD184-184.7                                                        Schmalkaldic League and War, 1530-1547

DD189                                                                  Period of Thirty Years= War, 1618-1648

DD190-199                                                     1648-1815.  18th century.  French Revolutionary

                                                                          and Napoleonic period

DD201-257.4                                                  19th-20th centuries

DD206-216                                                           1815-1871

DD217-231                                                           New Empire, 1871-1918

DD228.8                                                                     Period of World War I, 1914-1918

DD233-257.4                                                        Revolution and Republic, 1918-

DD253-256.8                                                              Hitler, 1933-1945.  National socialism

DD(256)                                                                           Period of World War II, 1939-1945

DD257-257.4                                                        Period of Allied occupation, 1945-

DD258-262                                   West Germany

DD280-289.5                                East Germany

DD301-454                                   Prussia

DD301-312                                         General

DD314-320                                         Description and travel

DD325-339                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DD341-454                                         History

DD701-901                                   Local history and description

DD701-788                                         North and Central, Northeast, etc. Germany

DD801                                                States, provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DD851-900                                         Berlin

DD900.2-900.76                                  Bonn

DD901                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DE   


DE1-100                                 History of the Greco-Roman world

DE1-15.5                                      General

DE23-31                                       Geography

DE46-73.2                                    Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DE80-100                                     History


Subclass DF   


DF10-951                               History of Greece

DF10-289                                     Ancient Greece

DF10-16                                             General

DF27-41                                             Geography.  Travel

DF75-136                                           Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DF207-241                                          History

DF207-218                                                General

DF220-241                                                By period

DF220-221                                                      Bronze Age, Minoan, and Mycenaean ages

DF221.2-224                                                   ca. 1125-500 B.C.  Age of Tyrants

DF225-226                                                      Persian wars, 499-479 B.C.

DF227-228                                                      Athenian supremacy.  Age of Pericles. 479-431 B.C.

DF229-230                                                      Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.

DF230.9-231.9                                                Spartan and Theban supremacies, 404-362 B.C.

DF232.5-233.8                                                Macedonian epoch.  Age of Philip.  359-336 B.C.

DF234-234.9                                                   Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C.

DF235-238.9                                                   Hellenistic period, 323-146.B.C.

DF239-241                                                      Roman epoch, 140 B.C.-323/476 A.D.

DF251-289                                          Local history and description

DF501-649                                    Medieval Greece.  Byzantine Empire, 323-1453

DF501-518                                          General

DF520-542.4                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DF545-548                                          Military history.  Political history.  Empire and papacy

DF550-649                                          History

DF550-552.8                                             General

DF553-599.5                                             Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057.  Constantine the Great

DF599.8-649                                             1057-1453

DF610-629                                                      1204-1261.  Latin Empire

DF630-649                                                      1261-1453.  Palaeologi

DF645-649                                                            1453.  Fall of Constantinople

DF701-951                                    Modern Greece

DF701-720                                          General

DF720.5-728                                       Description and travel

DF741-748                                          Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DF750-854.32                                     History

DF750-760                                                General

DF765-787                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DF801-854.32                                           By period

DF801-801.9                                                   Turkish rule, 1453-1821

DF802-832                                                      1821-1913

DF804-815                                                            War of Independence, 1821-1829

DF816-818                                                            Kapodistrias, 1827-1831

DF833-854.32                                                 20th century

DF848                                                                  Republic, 1924-1935

DF895-951                                    Local history and description

DF901                                                Regions, provinces, islands, etc., A-Z

DF901.C78-C88                                         Crete

DF915-936                                          Athens

DF951                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DG


DG11-999                               History of Italy

DG11-365                                     Ancient Italy.  Rome to 476

DG11-16                                             General

DG27-41                                             Geography.  Description and travel

DG51-70                                             Local history and description

DG51-55                                                   Regions in Italy, A-Z

DG59                                                       Regions outside of Italy, A-Z

DG61-69                                                   Rome (City) to 476

DG70                                                       Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DG75-190                                           Antiquities.  Civilization.  Culture.  Ethnography

DG201-365                                         History

DG201-215                                               General

DG221-365                                               By period

DG221-225                                                     Pre-Roman Italy.  Etruria.  Etruscans

DG231-269                                                     Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C.

DG233-233.9                                                        Foundations and kings, 753-510

DG235-269                                                           Republic, 509-27

DG237-238                                                                 Subjection of Italy, 343-290

DG241-253                                                                 Conquest of Mediterranean world.  264-133

DG242-249.4                                                                    First and Second Punic Wars.  Illyrian

                                                                                            wars.  264-201

DG250-253                                                                       Wars in the East and in the West.

                                                                                            200-133 B.C.

DG253.5-269                                                                    Fall of the Republic and establishment

                                                                                            of the Empire.  133-27

DG256-260                                                                       Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey).


DG261-267                                                                       Julius Caesar.  First Triumvirate, 60

DG268-269                                                                       Second Triumvirate, 43-31

DG269.5-365                                                  Empire, 27 B.C. - 476 A.D.

DG269.5-274.3                                                     General

DG275-309.3                                                        Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C. - 284 A.D.

DG310-365                                                           284-476.  Decline and fall

DG401-583.8                                Medieval and modern Italy, 476-

DG401-421                                         General

DG421.5-430.2                                   Description and travel

DG431-457                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DG461-583.8                                      History

DG461-473                                               General

DG480-499                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DG500-583.8                                            By period

DG500-537.8                                                  Medieval, 476-1492

DG503-529                                                           476-1268

DG506-514.7                                                              489-774.  Gothic and Lombard kingdoms.

                                                                                      Byzantine exarchate, 553-568

DG515-529                                                                 774-1268.  Frankish and German emperors

DG530-537.8                                                        1268-1492

DG532-537.8                                                              Renaissance

DG538-583.8                                                  Modern, 1492-

DG539-545.8                                                        16th-18th centuries

DG546-549                                                           1792-1815.  Napoleonic period

DG548-549                                                                 Kingdom of Italy

DG550.5-564                                                        19th century

DG552-554.5                                                              1848-1871.  Risorgimento

DG553-553.5                                                                    1848-1849.  Austro-Sardinian War

DG555-575                                                           1871-1947.  United Italy (Monarchy)

DG571-572                                                                 1919-1945.  Fascism

DG576-583.8                                                        1948-    .  Republic

DG600-684.72                              Northern Italy

DG600-609                                         General

DG610-618.78                                    Piedmont.  Savoy

DG631-645                                         Genoa

DG651-664.5                                      Milan.  Lombardy

DG670-684.72                                    Venice

DG691-817.3                                Central Italy

DG691-694                                         General

DG731-759.3                                      Tuscany.  Florence

DG791-800                                         Papal States (States of the Church).  Holy See.  Vatican


DG803-817.3                                      Rome (Modern city)

DG819-875                                   Southern Italy

DG819-829                                         General

DG831                                                Sicily and Malta

DG840-857.5                                      Naples.  Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

DG861-875                                         Sicily

DG975                                          Other cities (non-metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z

DG987-999                                   Malta.  Maltese Islands


Subclass DH   


DH1-925                                 History of Low Countries.  Benelux Countries

DH1-23                                        General

DH31-40                                       Description and travel

DH51-92                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DH95-207                                     History

DH95-109                                           General

DH113-137                                         Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DH141-207                                         By period

DH141-162                                               Early and medieval to 1384

DH171-184                                               1384-1555.  House of Burgundy

DH185-207                                               Wars of Independence, 1555-1648

DH401-811                                   Belgium

DH401-430                                         General

DH431-435                                         Description and travel

DH451-492                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DH503-694                                         History

DH503-527                                               General

DH540-569                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DH571-694                                               By period

DH571-584                                                     Early and medieval to 1555

DH585-619                                                     1555-1794.  Spanish and Austrian rule

DH611-619                                                           1714-1794.  Austrian Netherlands

DH620-676                                                     1794-1909

DH631                                                                  French rule, 1794-1813

DH650-652                                                           Revolution of 1830

DH677-694                                                     20th century

DH801-811                                         Local history and description

DH801                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DH802-809.95                                          Brussels

DH811                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DH901-925                                   Luxembourg


Subclass DJ   


DJ1-(500)                               History of Netherlands (Holland)

DJ1-30                                         General

DJ33-41                                       Description and travel

DJ51-92                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DJ95-292                                      History

DJ95-116                                            General

DJ124-150                                          Military, naval, and political history, etc.  Foreign relations

DJ151-292                                          By period

DJ151-152                                                Early and medieval to 1555

DJ154-210                                                1555-1795.  United provinces

DJ180-182                                                      Anglo-Dutch wars, 1652-1667

DJ190-191                                                      War with France, 1672-1678

DJ193                                                            Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674

DJ196-199.2                                                   Stadtholders, 1702-1747

DJ205-206                                                      Anglo-Dutch War, 1780-1784

DJ208-209                                                      War with France, 1793-1795

DJ211                                                      1795-1806.  Batavian Republic

DJ215-292                                                19th-20th centuries

DJ401-411                                    Local history and description

DJ411.A5-A59                                     Amsterdam


Subclass DJK  


DJK1-77                                 History of Eastern Europe (General)

DJK26-28                                     Ethnography

DJK27                                                Slavic peoples (General)

DJK30-51                                     History

DJK61-77                                     Local history and description

DJK61-66                                           Black Sea region

DJK71-76                                           Carpathian Mountain region

DJK76.2-76.8                                     Danube River Valley

DJK77                                                Pannonia


Subclass DK   


DK1-949.5                              History of Russia.  Soviet Union.  Former Soviet Republics

DK33-35.5                                    Ethnography

DK36-293                                     History

DK70-112.42                                      Early to 1613

DK70-99.7                                                Rus=

DK99.8-112.42                                         Muscovy

DK112.8-264.8                                   House of Romanov, 1613-1917

DK265-265.95                                     Revolution, 1917-1921

DK266-292                                         Soviet regime, 1918-1991

DK293                                                1991-

DK500                                          Regions not limited to one Republic, A-Z

DK501-949.5                                Local history and description

DK502.3-502.75                                  Baltic States

DK503-503.95                                     Estonia

DK503.92-503.939                                    Tallinn

DK504-504.95                                     Latvia

DK504.92-504.939                                    Riga

DK505-505.95                                     Lithuania

DK505.92-505.939                                    Vilnius

DK507-507.95                                     Belarus.  Byelorussian S.S.R.  White Russia

DK507.92-507.939                                    Minsk

DK508-508.95                                     Ukraine

DK508.92-508.939                                    Kiev

DK509                                                Southern Soviet Union

DK509.1-509.95                                  Moldova.  Moldovian S.S.R.  Bessarabia

DK509.92-509.939                                    Chisinau.  Kishinev

DK510-651                                         Russia (Federation).  Russian S.F.S.R.

DK541-579                                               Saint Petersburg.  Leningrad.  Petrograd

DK588-609                                               Moscow

DK670-679.5                                      Georgia (Republic).  Georgian S.S.R.  Georgian Sakartvelo

DK679.2-679.39                                        Tbilisi.  Tiflis

DK680-689.5                                      Armenia (Republic).  Armenian S.S.R.

DK689.2-689.39                                        Yerevan.  Erevan

DK690-699.5                                      Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan S.S.R.

DK699.2-699.39                                        Baku

DK751-781                                         Siberia

DK845-860                                         Soviet Central Asia.  West Turkestan

DK901-909.5                                      Kazakhstan.  Kazakh S.S.R.

DK909.2-909.39                                        Alma Ata

DK911-919.5                                      Kyrgyzstan.  Kirghiz S.S.R.  Kirghizia

DK919.2-919.39                                        Frunze

DK921-929.5                                      Tajikistan.  Tajik S.S.R.  Tadzhikistan

DK929.2-929.39                                        Dushanbe

DK931-939.5                                      Turkmenistan.  Turkmen S.S.R.  Turkmenia

DK939.2-939.39                                        Ashkhabad

DK941-949.5                                      Uzbekistan.  Uzbek S.S.R.

DK949.2-949.39                                        Tashkent

DK4010-4800                          History of Poland

DK4120-4122                                Ethnography

DK4123-4452                                History

DK4186-4348                                      To 1795

DK4348.5-4395                                   1795-1918.  19th century (General)

DK4397-4420                                      1918-1945

DK4429-4442                                      1945-1989.  People=s Republic

DK4445-4452                                      1989-

DK4600-4800                                Local history and description

DK4610-4645                                      Warsaw (Warszawa)

DK4650-4685                                      Gdansk (Danzig)

DK4700-4735                                      Krakow (Cracow)


Subclass DL   


DL1-1180                               History of Northern Europe.  Scandinavia

DL1-6.8                                        General

DL7-11.5                                      Description and travel

DL20-42.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL43-87                                       History

DL43-49                                             General

DL52-59                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL61-87                                             By period

DL61-65                                                   Earliest to 1387.  Scandinavian Empire.  Northmen.  Vikings

DL75-81                                                   1387-1900

DL83-87                                                   1900-    .  Period of World War I, 1914-1918

DL101-291                                    Denmark

DL101-114.5                                       General

DL115-120                                          Description and travel

DL121-142.5                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL143-263.3                                       History

DL143-151                                                General

DL154-159.5                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL160-263.3                                             By period

DL160-183.9                                                   Early and medieval to 1523

DL162-173.8                                                         750-1241.  Norwegian rule, 1042-1047

DL174-183.9                                                         1241-1523.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL184-263.3                                                   Modern, 1523-

DL185-192.8                                                         1523-1670

DL190                                                                        War with Sweden, 1643-1645

DL192                                                                        War with Sweden, 1657-1660

DL193-199.8                                                         1670-1808

DL196.3                                                                     Period of Northern War, 1700-1721

DL201-249                                                            1808-1906.  19th century

DL217-223                                                                  Schleswig-Holstein War, 1848-1850

DL236-239.6                                                               Schleswig-Holstein War, 1864

DL250-263.3                                                         20th century

DL269-291                                          Local history and description

DL271                                                      Counties, regions, islands, etc., A-Z

DL276                                                      Copenhagen

DL291                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL301-398                                    Iceland

DL301-334                                          General.  Description and travel, etc.

DL335-380                                          History

DL396-398                                          Local history and description

DL401-596                                    Norway

DL401-414                                          General

DL415-419.2                                       Description and travel

DL420-442.5                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL443-537                                          History

DL443-451.5                                             General

DL453-459                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL460-537                                                By period

DL460-478                                                      Early and medieval to 1387

DL480-502                                                      1387-1814.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL499                                                                  War of 1807-1814

DL500-502                                                            Union with Sweden, 1814

DL503-526                                                      1814-1905.  19th century

DL525                                                                  Dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union, 1905

DL527-537                                                      20th century.  Period of World War II, 1939-1945

DL576-596                                          Local history and description

DL576                                                      Counties, regions, etc., A-Z

DL581                                                      Oslo (Christiania)

DL596                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL601-991                                    Sweden

DL601-614.5                                       General

DL614.55-619.5                                  Description and travel

DL621-642                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL643-879                                          History

DL643-651                                                General

DL654-659                                                Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL660-879                                                By period

DL660-700.9                                                   Early and medieval to 1523.  Union of Kalmar, 1397

DL701-879                                                      Modern, 1523-

DL701-719.9                                                         Vasa dynasty, 1523-1654.  Gustaf II Adolf, 1611-1632

DL710-712                                                                  Wars with Denmark, Russia, Poland

DL721-743                                                            Zweibrücken dynasty, 1654-1718

DL733-743                                                                  Northern War, 1700-1721

DL747-805                                                            1718-1818

DL790                                                                        Revolution and loss of Finland, 1809

DL805                                                                        Union with Norway, 1814

DL807-859                                                            1814-1907.  19th century

DL860-879                                                            20th century

DL971-991                                          Local history and description

DL971                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DL976                                                      Stockholm

DL991                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DL1002-1180                                Finland

DL1002-1014.5                                   General

DL1015-1015.4                                   Description and travel

DL1016-1022                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DL1024-1141.6                                   History

DL1024-1033                                            General

DL1036-1048                                            Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DL1050-1141.6                                         By period

DL1050-1052.9                                               Early to 1523

DL1055-1141.6                                               Modern, 1523-

DL1070-1078                                                        Revolution, 1917-1918.  Civil War

DL1090-1105                                                        1939-1945

DL1095-1105                                                              Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940

DL1122-1135.5                                               1945-1981

DL1140-1141.6                                               1981-

DL1170-1180                                      Local history and description

DL1170                                                    Regions, provinces, historical regions, etc., A-Z

DL1175-1175.95                                       Helsinki (Helsingfors)

DL1180                                                    Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DP   


DP1-402                                 History of Spain

DP1-27                                         General

DP27.5-43.2                                 Description and travel

DP44-53                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DP56-272.4                                  History

DP56-75                                             General

DP76-86                                             Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DP91-272.4                                        By period

DP91-96                                                   Earliest to 711

DP92-96                                                         Pre-Roman, Roman, and Gothic periods

DP97.3-160.8                                           711-1516.  Moorish domination and the Reconquest

DP100-123                                                      Moors in Spain.  Córdoba.  Kingdom of Granada

DP124-133.7                                                   Aragon (Catalonia)

DP134-143.8                                                   Castile and Leon

DP145-152.8                                                   León (Asturias)

DP153-160.8                                                   Navarre

DP161-272.4                                             Modern Spain, 1479/1516-

DP161.5-166                                                   1479-1516.  Fernando V and Isabel I

DP170-189                                                      1516-1700.  Habsburgs

DP192-200.8                                                   1700-1808.  Bourbons

DP201-232.6                                                   1808-1886.  19th century

DP204-208                                                            1808-1814.  Napoleonic period

DP212-220                                                            1814-1868.  Bourbon restoration

DP219-219.2                                                               Carlist War, 1833-1840

DP222-232.6                                                         1868-1886

DP224-226                                                                  Revolution, 1868-1870

DP230-231.5                                                               First Republic, 1873-1875

DP233-272.4                                                   20th century.  1886-

DP250-269.9                                                         Second Republic, 1931-1939

DP269-269.9                                                               Civil War, 1936-1939

DP269.97-271                                                       1939-1975

DP272-272.4                                                         1975-

DP285-402                                    Local history and description

DP285-295                                          Northern, Northwestern, Southern Spain

DP302                                                Provinces, regions, ets., A-Z

DP350-374                                          Madrid

DP402                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DP501-(900.22)                      History of Portugal

DP501-520                                    General

DP521-526.5                                 Description and travel

DP528-534.5                                 Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DP535-682.2                                 History

DP535-546                                          General

DP547-557                                          Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DP558-682.2                                       By period

DP558-618                                                Early and medieval to 1580

DP568-578                                                      House of Burgundy, 1095-1383

DP580                                                            Interregnum, 1383-1385

DP582-618                                                      House of Aviz, 1385-1580

DP620-682.2                                             1580-

DP622-629                                                      1580-1640.  Spanish dynasty (Sixty years= captivity)

DP632-644.9                                                   1640-1816.  House of Braganza

DP645-669                                                      1816-1908

DP650                                                                  Revolution of 1820

DP657                                                                  Wars of succession, 1826-1840

DP670-682.2                                                   20th century

DP674                                                                  Revolution of October 1910

DP675-682.2                                                         Republic, 1910-    .  Revolution of 1919

DP702-802                                    Local history and description

DP702                                                Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DP752-776                                          Lisbon

DP802                                                Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DQ   


DQ1-851                                 History of Switzerland

DQ1-20                                        General

DQ20.5-26                                    Description and travel

DQ30-49.5                                    Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DQ51-210                                     History

DQ51-57                                             General

DQ59-76                                             Military and political history.  Foreign relations

DQ78-210                                           By period

DQ78-110                                                 Early and medieval to 1516

DQ79-84                                                         Early to 687.  Celts and Romans.  Teutonic tribes

DQ85-87                                                         687-1291.  Carolingian and German rule

DQ88-110                                                       1291-1516.  Federation and independence

DQ111-123                                               1516-1798

DQ124-191                                               19th century

DQ131-151                                                     1789/1798-1815.  Helvetic Republic, 1798-1803

DQ154-161                                                     1815-1848.  Sonderbund, 1845-1847

DQ171-191                                                     1848-1900

DQ201-210                                               20th century

DQ301-851                                   Local history and description

DQ301-800.35                                    Cantons (and cantonal capitals)

DQ820-829                                         Alps

DQ841                                                Regions, peaks, etc., A-Z

DQ851                                                Cities, towns, etc., A-Z


Subclass DR   


DR1-2285                               History of Balkan Peninsula

DR1-11                                         General

DR11.5-16                                    Description and travel

DR20-27                                       Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR32-48.5                                    History.  Balkan War, 1912-1913

DR50-50.84                                  Thrace

DR51-98                                       Bulgaria

DR51-56.7                                          General

DR57-60.2                                          Description and travel

DR62-64.5                                          Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR65-93.47                                        History

DR65-69.5                                                General

DR70-73                                                   Military and political history.  Foreign relations

DR73.7-93.47                                           By period

DR73.7-80.8                                                   Early and medieval

DR74.5-77.8                                                         First Bulgarian Empire, 681-1018

DR79-79.25                                                          Greek rule, 1018-1185

DR80-80.8                                                            Second Bulgarian Empire, 1185-1396

DR81-84                                                         Turkish rule, 1396-1878

DR84.9-89.8                                                   1878-1944

DR89.9-93.34                                                 1944-1990

DR93.4-93.47                                                 1990-

DR95-98                                             Local history and description

DR95                                                        Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR97                                                        Sofia

DR98                                                        Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR201-296                                   Romania

DR201-206                                         General

DR207-210                                         Description and travel

DR211-214.2                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR215-269.6                                      History

DR215-218                                               General

DR219-229                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR238-269.6                                            By period

DR238-240.5                                                  Early and medieval to 1601.  Roman period

DR241-241.5                                                  Phanariote regime, 1601-1822

DR242-249                                                     1822-1881.  19th century

DR250-266.5                                                  1866/1881-1944

DR267-267.5                                                  1944-1989

DR268-269.6                                                  1989-

DR279-296                                         Local history and description

DR279-280.74                                           Transylvania

DR281                                                      Other provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR286                                                      Bucharest

DR296                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR401-741                                   Turkey

DR401-419                                         General

DR421-429.4                                      Description and travel

DR431-435                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR436-605                                         History

DR436-446                                               General

DR448-479                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR481-605                                               By period

DR481                                                            Earliest to 1281/1453

DR485-555.7                                                  1281/1453-1789.  Fall of Constantinople, 1453

DR511-529                                                     1566-1640.  Period of decline

DR515-516                                                           Cyprian War, 1570-1571.  Holy League, 1571

DR531-555.7                                                  1640-1789

DR534.2-534.5                                                     War of Candia, 1644-1669

DR556-567                                                     1789-1861.  19th century

DR568-575                                                     1861-1909.  War with Russia, 1877-1878

DR576-605                                                     20th century.  Constitutional movement

DR701-741                                         Local history and description (European Turkey)

DR701                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR716-739                                               Istanbul (Constantinople)

DR741                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR901-998                                   Albania

DR901-914.5                                      General

DR915-918                                         Description and travel

DR921-926                                         Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR927-978.52                                     History

DR927-946                                               General

DR947-953                                               Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR954-978.52                                           By period

DR954-960.5                                                  To 1501

DR961-969                                                     1501-1912.  Turkish rule

DR969.8-978.52                                              20th century

DR996-998                                         Local history and description

DR996                                                      Provinces, regions, etc., A-Z

DR997                                                      Tiranë

DR998                                                      Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z

DR1202-2285                                Yugoslavia

DR1202-1218                                      General

DR1220-1224                                      Description and travel

DR1227-1231                                      Antiquities.  Social life and customs.  Ethnography

DR1232-1321                                      History

DR1232-1249                                            General

DR1250-1258                                            Military, naval, and political history.  Foreign relations

DR1259-1321                                            By period

DR1259-1265                                                  Early and medieval to 1500

DR1266-1272                                                  1500-1800

DR1273-1280                                                  1800-1918

DR1281-1321                                                  1918-

DR1313-1313.8                                                     Yugoslav War, 1991-1995

DR1350-2285                                      Local history and description

DR1352-1485                                            Slovenia

DR1502-1645                                            Croatia

DR1620-1630.5                                               Dalmatia

DR1633-1636.5                                               Slavonia

DR1652-1785                                            Bosnia and Hercegovina

DR1802-1928                                            Montenegro

DR1932-2125                                            Serbia

DR2075-2087.7                                               Kosovo

DR2090-2101.5                                               Vojvodina

DR2106-2124.5                                               Belgrade

DR2152-2285                                            Macedonia


Subclass DS


DS1-937                                 History of Asia

DS5.95-10                                    Description and travel

DS11                                            Antiquities

DS13-28                                       Ethnography

DS31-35.2                                    History

DS35.3-35.77                                The Islamic World

DS36-39.2                                    Arab countries

DS36.9                                               Ethnography

DS37-39.2                                          History

DS41-66                                       Middle East.  Southwestern Asia.  Ancient Orient.  Arab East.  Near


DS51-54.95                                         Local history and description

DS54-54.95                                               Cyprus

DS58-59                                             Ethnography

DS61-66                                             History

DS67-79.9                                    Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS69-70.5                                          Antiquities

DS70.8                                               Ethnography

DS70.82-79.9                                      History

DS80-90                                       Lebanon (Phenicia)

DS80.5-80.55                                      Ethnography

DS80.7-87.6                                       History

DS92-99                                       Syria

DS94.7-94.8                                       Ethnography

DS94.9-98.3                                       History

DS99                                                  Provinces, regions, cities, etc.

DS101-151                                    Israel (Palestine).  The Jews

DS109-109.94                                     Jerusalem

DS111-111.9                                       Antiquities

DS113.2-113.8                                    Ethnography.  Tribes of Israel

DS114-128.2                                       History

DS133-151                                          Jews outside of Palestine

DS153-154.9                                 Jordan.  Transjordan

DS153.5-153.55                                  Ethnography

DS153.7-154.55                                  History

DS155-156                                    Asia Minor

DS161-195.5                                 Armenia

DS173-195.5                                       History

DS201-248                                    Arabian Peninsula.  Saudi Arabia

DS218-219                                          Ethnography

DS221-244.63                                     History

DS247-248                                          Local history and description

DS251-326                                    Iran (Persia)

DS260.7-262                                       Antiquities

DS268-269                                          Ethnography

DS270-318.85                                     History

DS324-326                                          Local history and description

DS327-329.4                                 Central Asia

DS331-349.9                                 Southern Asia.  Indian Ocean Region

DS349.8-349.9                                    Islands of the Indian Ocean

DS350-375                                    Afghanistan

DS354.5-354.6                                    Ethnography

DS355-371.3                                       History

DS374-375                                          Local history and description

DS376-392.2                                 Pakistan

DS380                                                Ethnography

DS381-389.22                                     History

DS392-392.2                                       Local history and description

DS393-396.9                                 Bangladesh.  East Pakistan

DS393.82-393.83                                Ethnography

DS394.5-395.7                                    History

DS396.8-396.9                                    Local history and description

DS401-(486.8)                              India (Bharat)

DS430-432                                          Ethnography.  Sects

DS433-481                                          History

DS483-(486.8)                                    Local history and description

DS488-490                                    Sri Lanka

DS489.2-489.25                                  Ethnography

DS489.5-489.86                                  History

DS491-492.9                                 Bhutan

DS493-495.8                                 Nepal

DS498-498.8                                 Goa.  Portuguese in India

DS501-518.9                                 East Asia.  The Far East

DS518.15-518.9                                  Relation of individual countries to East Asia

DS520-560.72                               Southeast Asia

DS524-526.7                                       History

DS527-530.9                                       Burma

DS531-560.72                                     French Indochina

DS541-553.7                                             History

DS554-554.98                                           Cambodia

DS555-555.98                                           Laos

DS556-559.93                                           Vietnam.  Annam

DS557-559.9                                                   Vietnamese Conflict

DS560-560.72                                           Democratic Republic (North Vietnam), 1945-

DS561-589                                          Thailand (Siam)

DS569-570                                                Ethnography

DS570.95-586                                           History

DS588-589                                                Local history and description

DS591-599                                          Malaysia.  Malay Peninsula.  Straits Settlements

DS595-595.2                                             Ethnography

DS595.8-597.215                                      History

DS597.22-599                                           Local history and description

DS597.33-597.34                                            Sabah.  British North Borneo

DS597.36-597.39                                            Sarawak

DS600-605                                          Malay Archipelago

DS608-610.9                                       Singapore

DS611-649                                          Indonesia (Dutch East Indies)

DS631-632                                                Ethnography

DS633-644.46                                           History

DS646.1-646.15                                        Sumatra

DS646.17-646.29                                      Java

DS646.3-646.34                                        Borneo.  Kalimantan, Indonesia

DS646.4-646.49                                        Celebes.  Sulawesi

DS646.5-646.59                                        Timor

DS646.6-646.69                                        Moluccas.  Maluku

DS650-650.99                                     Brunei

DS651-689                                          Philippines

DS665-666                                                Ethnography

DS667-686.62                                           History

DS688-689                                                Local history and description

DS701-799.9                                 China

DS730-731                                          Ethnography

DS733-779.32                                     History

DS781-796                                          Local history and description

DS781-784.2                                             Manchuria

DS785-786                                                Tibet

DS796.H7                                                 Hong Kong

DS798                                                Outer Mongolia.  Mongolian People's Republic

DS798.92-799.9                                  Taiwan

DS801-897                                    Japan

DS833-891.5                                       History

DS894.215-897                                   Local history and description

DS901-937                                    Korea

DS904.8-922.4642                               History

DS918-921.8                                             War and intervention, 1950-1953

DS924-925                                          Local history and description

DS930-937                                          Democratic People's Republic, 1948-



Subclass DT


DT1-3415                               History of Africa

DT7-12.25                                    Description and travel

DT15-16                                       Ethnography

DT17-39                                       History

DT43-154                                     Egypt

DT56.8-69.5                                       Antiquities

DT63-63.5                                                Pyramids

DT68-68.8                                                Religious antiquities

DT71-72                                             Ethnography

DT73                                                  Local antiquities

DT74-107.87                                      History

DT115-154                                         Local history and description

DT139-153.5                                            Cairo

DT154.1-159.9                             Sudan.  Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

DT154.8                                             Antiquities

DT155-155.2                                      Ethnography

DT155.3-157.67                                  History

DT159.6-159.9                                   Local history and description

DT160-177                                   North Africa

DT167-176                                         History

DT168-169.5                                            Carthaginian period

DT179.2-179.9                             Northwest Africa

DT181-346                                   Maghrib.  Barbary States

DT211-239                                         Libya

DT223-223.2                                            Ethnography

DT223.3-236                                            History

DT238-239                                               Local history and description

DT241-269                                         Tunisia (Tunis)

DT253-253.2                                            Ethnography

DT253.4-264.49                                        History

DT268-269                                               Local history and description

DT271-299                                         Algeria

DT283-283.6                                            Ethnography

DT283.7-295.55                                        History

DT298-299                                               Local history and description

DT301-330                                         Morocco

DT313-313.6                                            Ethnography

DT313.7-325.92                                        History

DT328-329                                               Local history and description

DT330                                                      Spanish Morocco

DT331-346                                         Sahara

DT348-363.3                                Central Sub-Saharan Africa

DT365-469                                   Eastern Africa

DT365.5-365.78                                  History

DT367-367.8                                      Northeast Africa

DT371-390                                         Ethiopia (Abyssinia)

DT380-380.4                                            Ethnography

DT380.5-390                                            History

DT391-398                                         Eritrea

DT401-409                                         Somalia.  Somaliland and adjacent territory

DT402.3-402.45                                        Ethnography

DT402.5-407.3                                         History

DT409                                                      Local history and description

DT411-411.9                                      Djibouti.  French Territory of the Afars and Issas.  French


DT411.42-411.45                                      Ethnography

DT411.5-411.83                                        History

DT411.9                                                   Local history and description

DT421-432.5                                      East Africa.  British East Africa

DT433.2-433.29                                  Uganda

DT433.242-433.245                                  Ethnography

DT433.252-433.287                                  History

DT433.29                                                 Local history and description

DT433.5-434                                      Kenya

DT433.542-433.545                                  Ethnography

DT433.552-433.584                                  History

DT436-449                                         Tanzania.  Tanganyika.  German East Africa

DT443-443.3                                            Ethnography

DT443.5-448.25                                        History

DT449.Z2                                                 Zanzibar

DT450-450.49                                     Rwanda.  Ruanda-Urundi

DT450.24-450.25                                      Ethnography

DT450.26-450.437                                    History

DT450.49                                                 Local history and description

DT450.5-450.95                                  Burundi

DT450.64-450.65                                      Ethnography

DT450.66-450.855                                    History

DT450.95                                                 Local history and description

DT468-469                                         Islands (East African coast)

DT469.M21-.M38                                       Madagascar

DT469.M39                                               Mascarene Islands

DT469.M4-.M495                                       Mautitius (Ile de France)

DT469.M4975                                           Mayotte

DT469.R3-.R5                                           Reunion

DT469.S4-.S49                                          Seychelles

DT470-671                                   West Africa.  West Coast

DT477                                                Upper Guinea

DT479                                                Lower Guinea

DT491-516.9                                      British West Africa

DT507                                                      Ashanti Empire

DT509-509.9                                            Gambia

DT509.42-509.45                                            Ethnography

DT509.5-509.83                                              History

DT509.9                                                         Local history and description

DT509.97-512.9                                        Ghana (Gold Coast)

DT510.42-510.43                                            Ethnography

DT510.5-512.34                                              History

DT512.9                                                         Local history and description

DT515-515.9                                            Nigeria

DT515.42-515.45                                            Ethnography

DT515.53-515.842                                          History

DT515.9                                                         Local history and description

DT516-516.9                                            Sierra Leone

DT516.42-516.45                                            Ethnography

DT516.5-516.82                                              History

DT516.9                                                         Local history and description

DT521-555.9                                      French West Africa.  French Sahara.  West Sahara.  Sahel

DT541-541.9                                            Benin.  Dahomey

DT541.42-541.45                                            Ethnography

DT541.5-541.845                                            History

DT541.9                                                         Local history and description

DT543-543.9                                            Guinea

DT543.42-543.45                                            Ethnography

DT543.5-543.827                                            History

DT543.9                                                         Local history and description

DT545-545.9                                            Côte d'Ivoire.  Ivory Coast

DT545.42-545.45                                            Ethnography

DT545.52-545.83                                            History